Brett's Bio

Brett is the CEO, Co-Founder of New Story, an innovative nonprofit founded in 2014 that builds homes and communities in the developing world. Brett's a Y Combinator alum, 2016 Forbes 30 Under 30 Entrepreneur, author, speaker and cancer survivor. Fast Company recognized New Story as one of "The World's Most Innovative Companies" in 2017 as a Top 10 nonprofit.

Below is the backstory, in Brett's words, of how it happened.

I was the last guy anyone thought would start a nonprofit. I lived a self-consuming lifestyle chasing "gold, girls, and self-glory." Unfulfilled, I needed a bigger purpose and a more meaningful life. The 180 came through a revived Christian faith that completely changed my heart and values.

This change led to a trip to Haiti in 2013 where I met families living in tent slums because hundreds of thousands of homes were destroyed in the 2010 earthquake. Although my heart was broken seeing kids growing up in life-threatening tents without life's most basic human needs, I still did not think I'd start a nonprofit because so many already exist.

I found the cause to champion, but wanted to make sure it wasn't just the heartstring story of the cause - I thought the organization behind the obvious need was critical. So I searched for nonprofits that were innovating, being radically transparent and accountable, using technology, taking risks to achieve breakthroughs, and pushing to challenge traditional methods. It turns out, I couldn't find organizations with those principles working on the specific need that captured my heart.

Seeing an entrepreneurial opportunity to create a next-generation style nonprofit, New Story was founded shortly after my 25th birthday. In three years, because of an excellent core team and how we've pursued our principle of innovation, New Story has grown to be one of the fastest growing startup nonprofits in the world: 1,300+ homes, building 10 communities across Haiti, El Salvador, and Mexico.

New Story is an entrepreneurial example that proves a small group of millennials with extraordinary effort and a unique approach can build an organization that disrupts the status quo and changes parts of the world.

I'm passionate about speaking on leadership, creating a team culture of innovation, helping other social entrepreneurs, and partnering with companies to give their team members the opportunity to make a direct life-changing impact through New Story.

- Brett
November 2017