What Makes Steph Curry Irresistible

Brett Hagler
May 18, 2016

Steph has rightfully risen as one of the most loved athletes on the planet. I personally believe he's the epitome of a role model. But not too long ago, the dude was an above-average-player that only serious basketball fans knew. So why does everyone love Steph Curry now? 

The obvious part is his absolutely ridiculous game-disrupting style of play. That's one side of the coin. But what's the other side? Because we've seen athletes/Presidents/CEOs be as dominant as Steph, but certainly not as inspiring. I mean, what would make a Silicon Valley tech journalist say: "Steph Curry is the most convincing argument for believing in God I've ever seen." 

Steph has a combination that is irresistible. And if you look back on the leaders that we'd want to go to war with, work for, play with, play for... it's the same combination: greatness and humility. 

Greatness; Humility

The dichotomy of professional greatness with personal humility. Yes, the leader/player must have a fanatical, insane standard of greatness, but it's contrasted with authentic humility. When the humility is pure, it's so obvious that this is not about the individual's ego, and is about something bigger. 

A few years ago, Steph had the humility side of the coin, but he wasn't at the level of greatness yet (although he knew it was coming). Now, he's achieved greatness,and he kept his personal humility. That's the 1-2 punch that is making everyone fall in love with Steph Curry. 

If you happen to be like me and geek out on this stuff, then you're probably already thinking, "Level 5 Leader" that Jim Collins refers to in Good to Great as one of the most important aspects of sustaining a great organization.


We aren't fighting for NBA Championships or MVPs, but this is a great example of how to lead. What if the best, or those on the path to be the best, were also the most humble? And what if those that are humble were striving to be the absolute best they can be? 

It's a dichotomy that goes against the grain. And when you see it... there's nothing you can do but want to be part of it. 


PS - the quote about "Steph being the most convincing argument that God exists"... as a believer myself, I think it's because he lives out what's exemplified by the leader he lives life for. Which in my opinion, is the ultimate example of greatness;humility. The combination that made Him irresistible. 

Brett Hagler
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